Antonia Rodriquez

(Partner Jorge Avisai Perdomo Marques)

December 15, 2018

El Barretal

I asked God if this was his plan that he was opening a window for me to take my children and my companion, so that we could leave Honduras. The situation there is so difficult. There is no work. I asked that God would send us a miracle. We are people who come from Honduras. We come from Santa Barbara, and we are asking Him for this. So that when we cross to the United States and we have our interview, and we will show Señor Donald Trump that there are many good people here who want to work, who will suffer anything for our children. In our country there is no work. How are we going to feed our children if there is no work? This is why we want to immigrate. So when I learned that this caravan was coming up here, I said to myself, oh my God, where is this caravan? I ran a lot so that we could join up with them.

            And here we are. And I will show the person who interviews us that I moved heaven and earth.

            I am forty-eight years old. The twins are thirteen. The final one is ten years old. The father of my children is thirty-five. [He was present for the interview, signed a consent, but did not speak.]

            Life in Honduras is very hard. This is how it has been. We suffer, sleep in streets. We slept one night here, another night there, with our children. So I am asking God that he will grant us this favor, that we touch the heart of this president. We are good people. He will see that we are not bad people. I have my entry number. In two weeks I will enter. We are waiting positively.

            My companion and I both have four years of education. We did construction work,building houses. I can build a house. I also worked in restaurants.

            I heard some good things about the caravan and some bad things. But mostly good. We first heard about it on the radio. Then we started to investigate it. And we thought God was making a miracle in giving us a way to move forward. We walked a lot. And here we found a ride. We met up with the caravan while it was still in Honduras. It took us a month and seventeen days to get here. My experience here has been very sad. They should make a movie about this, a very great story. It would be a book, the story.

            [At this point the twins showed up, and she introduced me. The daughter brought her a tamale with sauce. She could not eat it.] It’s very spicy. [The daughter protests that it’s not spicy. She tells me] they took out my teeth here in the shelter. [She shows me the vacant front of her lower jaw.]

            The danger that we face in Honduras it that my daughter would be violated. [She hugs her daughter.] Some guy that we don’t know. There were two guys who were trying that in Honduras.

            If I am able to settle in the United States, what I would like to do is take an airplane to Tegucigalpa, get my two older children and bring them to the United States. When applied I cross, they wanted to treat just the four of us as a family, me and my three children. But he is the father of the children. How can he not be part of the family? They are afraid of him. They say that he is not going to cross. Why shouldn’t he cross if he is the father of my children? I told them that we are a family of five people: me, him, and my three children.We don’t leave the children. This is the law of the caravan. They are recorded as his children, with his surname and everything. We five are a family.

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