Mario Ronaldo Lagos Ramos/

I am twenty-nine years old. I worked in Tegucigalpa as a taxi driver. The gangs asked me to pay their extortion, and began persecuting me. I used to start at four in the morning. One morning I went to buy tortillas for my breakfast and while I was gone they shot my friend. If I had not gone for tortillas, they would have gotten me. I went to the police and they asked me for the phone number of the man who killed my friend. If I gave up the murderer, I would have put my own life and the lives of my family in danger.

            I had already left Honduras, on the Mexico/Guatemala border, when I heard about the caravan. Only my sister came with me. My wife and son are still in Honduras.The trip was a hard one, but here we are. I both rode and walked. I felt ill along the way. From here I hope to go to the United States. I never thought about being here [before my friend was killed].

            I hope to go legally into the United States and ask for asylum. I have a woman friend over there who is an American resident. She may be able to help. I am due to cross at the end of December. The first thing I want to do after I cross is bring my family, then help my parents. We’re good people running away from bad people. They can investigate us and that’s what they’ll find.

            With the current president, the gangs got stronger, but this problem has been going on for a long time.

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