Erick Samael (sic) Ramos Santos

I am twenty-three years old, from Lange Valle. I have a primary education and was working as a blacksmith.

            In Honduras, the military and legal authorities are allied with the gangs. They wanted to take me and my family. I was shot in the side but thank God it was not bad. [He shows me a scar on his left side, over his ribs.] The Lord brought me here to save my life. I was considering suicide but I think God gave me another chance for life. I had three brushes with death so I wasn’t going to miss this chance to get away.

            I have seen many things along the way that I don’t like. In the caravan I saw a woman with her children looking for a better life. How can they travel like this?

            My father is still in Honduras. He is sick with diabetes. My country receives medical aid from Europe, but then they sell it. My mother died under treatment. She was at home and had so many injections that they had to take her to the hospital. It was a torture for her.

            I was so happy to be on Mexican soil. May God grant me the opportunity to enter legally into the United States. I want to bring my family because of the violence. I fear for them.

            My brother is on the other side, in Washington. When I get there, I want to work to secure my life and that of my siblings and my father. Then maybe I can get married and start my own family.

            My friend told me about asking for asylum. He said the law was very hard.

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